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Bio CoEnzyme Phase

By Desbio
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Homeopathic Indications: Bio Co-Enzyme Phase is for the temporary relief of exhaustion, fatigue, and feelings of low energy.

  • alpha-Ketoglutar Ac (8X)
  • ATP (10X)
  • Succinicum Acidum (8X)
  • Pantothenic Acid (8X)
  • alpha-Lipoic Ac (8X)
  • Nadidum (8X)
  • Cerium Oxal (8X)
  • Citricum Ac (8X)
  • Fumaricum Ac (8X)
  • Mag Orotate (8X)
  • Malic Ac (8X)
  • Aconiticum Acidum, Cis (16X)
  • Adrenalinum (8X 12X 30X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C)
  • Thiaminum Hydrochloricum (6X)
  • Riboflavinum (6X)
  • Pyridoxinum Hydrochloricum (6X)
  • Pulsatilla (6X)
  • Nicotinamidum (6X)
  • Natrum Oxalaceticum (6X)
  • Cysteinum (6X)
  • Nat Pyr (8X)
  • Sulphur (10X)
  • Manganum Phosphoricum (16X)
  • Barium Oxalsuccinicum (34C)
  • Proteus (Morgani) (30C)
  • Hepar Sulph Calc (10X)
  • Beta Vulg (4X)
  • Ascorbic Ac (6X)

As a dietary supplement, combine 1 serving OptimaLean into 8-10 oz. of water or beverage of choice one to three times per day or as directed by your healthcare professional