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EMF Solutions Band XL-Black

In Stock
In stock

EMF Band XL - Black

  • Absolutely the best personal remediation product anywhere
  • Remediate EMF’s wherever you go! (At the store, in the classroom, anywhere in public)
  • Looks like a Cell Watch (so you can tell people what you have or stay incognito)
  • Fits Wrists 3.75 to 8.0 inch in diameter (virtually all kids and adults)
  • Now more durable than previous Bands

ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are hand-crafted and use a special plant based resin (so they can be healthier than the normal chemical-filled resin products), therefore you will see some imperfections on our resin-using products (all Chips which are used in: Cell, Laptop, Device Chips plus Regular & XL Bands)


  • These guidelines take into account growing 5G concerns and the fact that each year EMF’s get substantially worse.
  • Kids or adults over 100 lbs likely do best with the EMF Band XL
  • People under 100 lbs are great with either band (EMF Band or EMF Band XL)
  • Previous Kid Band should be effective for those under 60 lbs for a while longer (we hope)

NOTE - the band does NOT need batteries or to be powered on. It's properties always work and increase automatically around EMFs

PRODUCT INSTALLATION (or how to adjust & wear) INSTRUCTIONS - Go to then click the "EMF Band XL" box.