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Going Green Before You Conceive by Wendie Aston

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Choosing to GO GREEN and limit toxins in your daily life will improve fertility and the overall health of you and your family. It takes approximately 72 days for sperm and 3 months for eggs to mature. Create the healthiest sperm and eggs possible for conception by the choices you make in diet, beauty and cleaning products, home furnishings and by limiting your daily exposure to environmental toxins. Learn what to avoid to protect your health and even uncover conditions your doctor may miss!

Going Green Before You Conceive is a guide for you and your partner on how to begin living a healthy, toxin free, GREEN lifestyle at any stage of your journey to conception, through pregnancy and into parenthood.

Learn the tools you need to DETOX your body, home, and lifestyle.

Also learn: Timing for Conception, How to try for a Boy or Girl, Fertility Massage, Yoga, Acupuncture, Reiki, Feng Shui and how to Remove Stress from your life so that you can help make your body ready to grow another life and greatly improve your health.

Included are fertility boosting recipes and foods for maximum health.

Bonus info: How to have a Natural Birth, Essential Oils, Perineal Massage, How to prepare a GREEN Non-Toxic Nursery with the safest products and restore health after birth to promote Breastfeeding!

Give your baby and family the healthiest start possible by GOING GREEN!