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HA Plus Vegetarian Powder 60 Servings

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In stock

Nutritional Support to Restore & Maintain Healthy Joint Function, Help to Build and Strengthen Cartilage & Connective Tissues and An Anti-inflammatory.

HA Plus Vegetarian Powder is a great alternative to swallowing tablets and capsules.


  • Joint Comfort
  • Cartilage Health
  • Joint Lubrication
  • Range of Motion
  • Flexibility

About the Nutrients:

HA (HyaMax™) is a natural lubricating agent in the joints and is found most abundantly in cartilage, synovial fluid and skin. HA provides natural cushioning structures needed by the joint. Hyamax™ (vegetarian) is the standardized natural Hyaluronic acid. It has the unique structure of mucopolysaccharide with extremely large molecule composed of repeat disaccharide units of Glucuronic acid and N-acetyl glucosamine, which can bind 1000 times its own weight of water for lubricating the movable parts of the human body, especially joins and muscles, moisturizing the skin, and carrying the nutrition to heal the wound.

Glucosamine HCl (vegetarian) is a 100% vegetable source produced through a unique, proprietary process of corn fermentation. Glucosamine is a fast acting nutritional building block for connective tissue. It is necessary for the production of hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfates which support joint comfort and mobility.

Chondroitin sulfates make up the matrix of connective tissue and are principle components of cartilage and the synovial fluid found in joints. They help hold together cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Their principle function is to provide lubrication and shock absorption.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) MSM helps support joint comfort and supplies an excellent source of sulfur to help ensure the body’s ability to synthesize collagen for connective tissue health, and maintain cell membrane flexibility.

Beta-glucans have been linked to enhanced immune function and support inflammation management including macrophage, B lymphocyte and suppressor T cell action, and increased nonspecific- host resistance to a variety of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. Beta-glucans have also been linked to reducing blood pressure and inducing satiety that can lead to weight reduction.

Arabinogalactans (AG) are a class of long chained, densely branched polysaccharides (MW 10,000-120,000), which have been found to have strong immune-stimulating and antiinflammatory properties. AG is rich in available Quercetin, which inhibits the release of histamines and leukotrienes into the bloodstream. Arabinogalactan is also an adjunct (assists in the metabolism of the other ingredients).

Serving Size 1 Scoop (4 g)

Servings Per Container 60

  • Evaporated Cane Juice 2000 mg
  • Glucosavida® (Vegetarian Glucosamine HCL) 500 mg
  • Methylsulfonyl Methane (MSM) 250 mg
  • Beta Glucan (1,3/1,6) From Yeast 200 mg
  • Galactoarabinan (Arabinogalactans) 150 mg
  • HyaMax® (Sodium Hyaluronate) (Hyaluronic Acid) 30 mg

Other Ingredients: grape skin extract, red beet powder, natural cherry avor, natural raspberry avor, natural strawberry avor, citric acid, silicon dioxide, stevia.

As a dietary supplement, mix one (4 g) scoop in 6-8 oz of water, 1-3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product.