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KL Support - 120 Capsules

120 Capsules
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CCB- 788000132388
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Kidney & Liver Detox is a BioActive Carbon product that focuses on drainage and immune support throughout the kidney and liver.

Utilizing a unique blend of natural ingredients (including NAC, milk thistle, parsley gynostemma, collinsonia root, beetroot and marshmallow root), this product supports and promotes healthy kidney and liver function. As an integral part of the body’s cleansing and filtering system, proper kidney function is essential to any detox protocol.

Multiple studies have shown that parsley gynostemma promotes antioxidant production, helping aid in heavy metal detoxification. Additionally, it assists the liver by modulating fat metabolism, and protects and improves kidney function by decreasing blood fats.

Collinsonia root supports urinary tract symptoms, including bladder pain. The betaine in beet root may help prevent or reduce fatty deposits in the liver and may also help protect the liver from toxin buildup. Studies indicate that marshmallow root has diuretic properties, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics, specifically in the urinary tract.

Our BioActive Carbon complex helps to bind to toxins that are removed, allowing your body to flush them out. As with all BioActive Carbon products, you can take Kidney & Liver Detox with or without food. Simply add it in earlier in the day and later in the day for best results.

  • BioActive Carbon Complex - 50mg
  • Propritary Blend - 450mg
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Milk Thistle, Parsley Gynostemma, Collinsonia Root, Beet Root, Marshmallow Root
  • Other Ingredients: HPMC (capsules)


Take one capsule three times daily or as otherwise directed by a healthcare practitioner.


Take two capsules twice daily.


Reduce dosage to one capsule once daily.

Toddler Under 50 lbs.

Take one-half capsule once daily.

Child Between 50 - 125 lbs

Take one-half capsule twice daily.

Please consult your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or considering use for a child.