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QuintEssential® 3.3 Sachet Box

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In stock

Seawater Electrolyte Liquid Minerals Supplement for Hydration, Muscle Recovery + Energy Support – Liquid Trace Minerals Electrolyte Drink (30 Sachets)

100% pure seawater, with up to 78 minerals & trace elements. Ideal for fast-acting hydration and mineral replenishment. Use when a revitalizing effect is desired or to support exertion from physical or mental effort. *

  • Fight Fatigue + Support Focus – This 3.3 concentration helps support rapid hydration, stamina, muscle recovery, alertness, and bone health.*
  • Up to 78 Bioavailable Ionic Minerals – A nutrient profile like no other product. Replenish your cells with the same highly bioavailable mineral-rich bath that nourished life on earth for millions of years.
  • Pure Replenishment Since 1887 – Harvested according to the original guidelines of Rene Quinton. This raw marine solution is sourced exclusively from the depths of protected, plankton-rich ocean blooms off the coast of France and cold-sterilized to retain its healing properties. Now also available as QE 3.3. in convenient on-the-go friendly sachets.

Serv. Size: 1 Drinkable Sachet (10mL)

Serv. Per Bo: 30

  • Calcium 4.4mg <1%
  • Magnesium 11mg 3%
  • Sodium 102mg 4%
  • Potassium 3.7mg <1%

Ingredients: Cold micro-filtered natural seawater.

1 Drinkable Sachet, As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving a day.

Additional servings, up to a total of 3 per day, may be consumed in divided doses prior to meals and strenuous physical and mental activity.

Do not exceed suggested dosage.

If pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant, consult your physician before use.

Note: FDA sodium diet guidelines specify 2300mg sodium per day from all sources.

Store in a cool dry place.